The confrontation of the “two Americas”, the democratic and the dictatorial, is getting tense because dictatorships attack with forced migration, the generation of internal violence, and destabilization.


 Dictatorships from Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Bolivia carry out an attack strategy against democracies in the Americas as their best resource to accomplish the objective of indefinitely remaining in power.   Cornered by crises, they have gone into an attack mode and the meeting of the Sao Paolo’s Forum in Havana was the scenario to launch their new phase of destabilization.  The confrontation of the “two Americas”, the democratic and the dictatorial, is getting tense because dictatorships attack with forced migration, the generation of internal violence, and destabilization.

In order to remain in power for almost 60 years, Cuba’s dictatorship has used this strategy so that their targets be kept busy defending themselves rather than pointing to the Castroist’s crimes, or deciding to coexist without wasting time and resources to protect themselves from the threat.  Now that the “Castroist Chavist dictatorial empire” is breaking down, the reaction of its Organized Crime’s regimes is to attack, given the excellent results this strategy has yielded for the Castro’s.

Castroist Chavist dictatorships attack democracies with forced migration due to the humanitarian crisis they have created in Venezuela; with narcotics’ trafficking they control and with which they have turned Bolivia and Venezuela into narco-states with cocaine from the FARC and the coca growers’ unions of Evo Morales; with the generation of internal violence with infiltrated or the so-called dissidents from the FARC; and with destabilization through the well-greased leadership of social movements and with informants who supplant the press.

Nowadays, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Chile, Argentina, the United States, in reality all of the region’s democratic countries are under the pressure of forced migration caused by Venezuela’s dictatorship that has converted one of its shameful problems into a problem for the whole region.  Democracies must now deal with problems in; their security, unemployment, provision of health care, their handling of massive numbers of people in transit, the identification, budget, and Human Rights, all because the Castroist Chavist’s criminal regime of Nicolas Maduro has transformed its crimes and its effects into a political weapon.  Very similar to the so-called “Mariel’s exodus” promoted by dictator Fidel Castro against the United States, but many folds greater and for an indefinite period.

All democracies now endure an increase in the “prevalence of drug consumption” produced and/or trafficked by the dictatorships.   The President of Argentina has just militarized the border with Bolivia so that its Armed Forces will assist Law Enforcement and Police corps in the fight against cocaine trafficking with which Evo Morales is flooding it.  Chile has special control of its border with Bolivia for the same reasons.  Brazil already did this, following the impeachment and removal of Rousseff, conducting sustained operations against the drug trafficking that the State of the coca-grower Morales exports.  In Paraguay they have just intercepted “a shipment of cocaine hidden in a coal shipment destined for Syria who has relations with Islamic terrorist groups”.

Internal violence is overwhelming throughout the Americas with gangs, maras, cartels, and mafias dedicated to the trafficking of drugs, money laundering, and penetration into politics with the resources earned from narcotics’ trafficking.  These conditions generate fear and one other result is the migratory pressure against the United States, accompanied by the propaganda that presents this as the result of poverty and of need that the very same dictatorships and their crimes cause.

With “Podemos” penetrating Spain’s Executive Branch, the dictatorships influence -for their own benefit- the international programming of Spanish Television, foreign affairs, and more.  In a twist of politics that smells to complicity and as the result of a political party birthed and sustained with ill-gotten moneys from Americas’ dictatorships getting to power -something that was denounced and proved in Spain itself- they have been able to get the indirect support and backing of Venezuela’s dictatorship.

They apply their strategy with the candidacy of Lula from jail in Brazil, conducting kidnapping operations and assassinations with FARC’s dissidents in Ecuador, actions against the government in Argentina to cover up Kirchner’s corruption scheme, funding protests, expecting to openly manipulate AMLO’s power in Mexico, toying with destabilization in Peru, proclaiming that “the fight against narcotics’ trafficking is an instrument of North American’s imperialism to oppress the people” and they go on.

*Attorney & Political Scientist.  Director of the Interamerican Institute for Democracy*

Published by Infobae.com on Sunday August 26th. 2018


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