Versión inglés Lectura para Brasil

lula dilma‪#‎TarotReadingForBRASIL‬ ‪#‎TarotBRASIL‬
People raised. Ready to do battle. Patriotism Mode ON.
conditioned Union. Power in the dark. No light … Ruptures. Separations. Found positions. Rats seek shelter. Aspecta falls that will drag even the most painted …
implacable justice. You will punish Tyre and Trojans.
Darkness. Tension. Sweeping the dust and throwing it under the carpet. Breaking roles.
Fatigue. Fatigue. compromised respiratory system. Beware blood pressure.
Aspecta coup d’Etat. And the odds of his ouster are very high. As you go to prison.
Moving its tentacles as elusive octopus. Beware the kidneys. It affects your mood, your mood. You can develop infection.
Judgment. You may remain acquitted. But it’s going to end up sidelined for life by the same people. You will have to go into exile …
Closed Wheel
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